Emily Dust
Emily Dust

When it comes to international electronic music Emily Dust has come forth as one of the UK’s key underground advocates. Her dedication to promoting new music from Africa, South America and beyond has been uwavering, using her slot on Radar Radio to showcase a wide range of artists as well as bass-heavy UK music. The DLTM team have a huge amount of respect for her work and we were over the moon when she agreed to record a mix for us. We also spoke to Emily about the past year, so put her excellent mix on while you read all about her 2017…

2017 has been another crazy year on planet Earth, what have been some of your own personal highlights?
So many! Presenting a documentary on Radio 4 was pretty amazing, it was a very personal story so the whole thing was a very surreal process. Also I had some brilliant gigs in Jamaica and Serbia, got to play closing night of the last ever Secret Garden and played B2B with Roska at Boomtown which was pretty special.

Have you discovered any new countries, town or cities? If so, tell us about where you went please.
I’ve been able to travel a lot this year which I love… I absolutely loved my first visit to Lisbon. I also I played a gig at Drugstore (an old slaughterhouse) in Belgrade which was amazing. It’s a fascinating city with a unique mix of influences and our hosts were so kind and welcoming. I’m a big fan of Balkan music so it was exciting to actually play there.

Did you start the year with any clear goals? If so, what were they and have you managed to achieve them?
Yeah I wanted to try and be balanced (still working on that one) and to try and really enjoy and make the most of every opportunity, which I was more successful at. Although I still need to make a list of everything so I don’t forget it all.

What have you learned this year: a) About yourself? B) About the world/life in general?

  1. That I do, sometimes, get tired and need to take stock.
  2. Hard to say! I’d like to think I was doing this anyway, but being kind and sincere about your motivations for doing things is massively underrated.

Would you call 2017 a good or a bad year, and why?
I’d call it an intense year, which can be both.

Now that 2017 is almost over, what are your plans up until the end of the year?
I’m putting together a collaborative EP (part 2 of this) which is going to be amazing and might involve a little trip somewhere… That’s all I can say at the moment!

Finally, can you recommend an album or a musician or a visual artist you’ve discovered this year?
I’m absolutely loving Jowaa from Ghana. Production duo made up of Gafacci, who features in the mix, and Bbrave of Akwaaba music, they’re a wicked mix of ravey and Ghanaian influences – can’t wait to hear what they make next year!