We’ve been in touch with Bozzwell (AKA David Boswell) ever since we interviewed him a few years ago for another publication. After hearing his track ‘In My Cocoon’ back in 2011 we were instant fans. He’s always been a personable character, always willing to help and, of course, putting out great music from his base in Sheffield. Bozzy’s latest project is an album recorded under the alias Hiem, a project he works on with Nick “Nicco” Eastwood. ‘Hotspace‘ is the title and it’s a wonderfully playful, funky little LP with great songs, top notch composition and excellent songwriting.

The duo kindly took time to chat to us about their year, and also recorded us a superb mix which you can listen to below, so hit the play button and listen to the mixtape while you read all about Hiem’s 2017…

2017 has been another crazy year on planet Earth, what have been some of your own personal highlights?
Bozzwell: For me I think releasing the first David J. Boswell 7” called ‘Heavy Load’ on the Black Beacon Sound label and Jarvis (Cocker) playing it on the BBC was a pretty cool moment. I’ve got a load of weird acoustic, electronic recordings that are waiting to get released, stuff I’ve had lying around the studio for years and also finishing the Hotspace album with Nicco, getting the masters back from Nang and then actually holding the vinyl version in my hands. It’s amazing watching a record almost take on a life of its own.

Which news stories (positive or negative) have really impacted on your life this year?
Nicco: For me there have been so many negative news stories but the most positive thing for me is that we are now asking more questions and not believing what we are told as a human race. We are constantly bombarded with what we should think and believe by the powers that be and the media. Nowadays I feel that I can look for alternative news and views and make my own decision on matters. Jeremy Corbyn has been a great hope – the amount of stick he got from numerous media outlets would have finished him 10 years ago. I feel as though people power is really happening and that has got to be positive.

Have you discovered any new countries, town or cities? If so, tell us about where you went please.
Bozzwell: The last time I was away was in Berlin last year. I feel quite at home in that place, it’s great to hang out with my friends and play records and stuff. I know so many people now that have moved over there. I guess if you want to bolster a musical career (especially electronic), it’s the place to be. I have a lot of fond memories of that place.

Artwork from the Hotspace LP
Artwork from the Hotspace LP

Did you start the year with any clear goals? If so, what were they and have you managed to achieve them?
Nicco: I always have goals but this year has been different I have always wanted to make music to make dem girls dance. This album though has been a journey where it went in several directions and made me look inwards and appreciate it’s not all about dem girls dancing!!!! Well it is really.

What have you learned this year: a) About yourself? B) About the world in general?
Bozzwell: I’ve learned I’m not great at dealing with stress. I can go under quite easily so I’ve got to keep a check on myself. I’m trying to eat as healthy as I can though I fall off the wagon sometimes. I’ve also learned this industry that we’re in can be a tricky place to be. I’m hoping one day well find a booking agent that will come up with the goods. We’ve had seven booking agents in 13 years! I’m hoping that will sort itself out sometime soon… As for the world, it’s even more fucked up. I just try and get on with what I’m doing and just hope it gets better. Thankfully music is a great sanctuary from what’s going on out there.

Would you call 2017 a good or a bad year, and why?
Nicco: It’s been a good year because I look around at my peers and see good people. I need reminding of that sometimes – apart from the odd baddy and nobhead people are people and we look after each other. It’s been great getting the new album out into the ether too, big time.

Now that 2017 is almost over, what are your plans up until the end of the year?
Bozzwell: Well I guess I’m gonna relax a bit and just watch what happens with Hotspace. Then, at some point, try and work out how the hell we follow that up with the next album. In our opinion we’ve reached a bit of a milestone with this one. There are also a few Hiem and Bozzwell remixes coming out this year so it’ll be nice to see those get out there, as well as the LP. Both as Bozzwell and Hiem I realise I’ve released a hell of a lot of records over the years .

Finally, can you recommend an album or a musician or a visual artist you’ve discovered this year?
Bozzwell: Yeah I think the most interesting artist I’ve stumbled across this last year is Michal Turtle, who put out an album on the Music From Memory label. It’s an album he recorded in his front room in 1982. Oh man it’s brilliant! There’s this track that got reissued called ‘Are You Psychic?’ – it’s complete genius.