Our friends over at Cosmic Pineapple are all about conscious living, and informing their readers about the world of spirituality and living in a mindful way, spliced with quality music, all presented in a friendly down-to-earth way. They’re kindred spirits and we share many of their philosophies, life is for living to the fullest, sharing information on self-improvement and trying maintain balance in everything we do. This September Cosmic Pineapple will launch their first series of conscious events at Pikes in Ibiza.

Cosmic Pineapple party at Pikes in Ibiza

The white island has been a hub for spiritual activity since the sixties, a period when hippies fleeing America made a beeline for the Spanish island – though it has always been a place where free thought and expression has existed. Stories about its magical qualities have existed for a long while, with some attributing its allure to its location at the intersection of ley lines, while also being a ‘triple Scorpio’ island, meaning it is “capricious, volatile and like a magnifying glass for your experiences, feelings and emotions.” (from White Ibiza). Whether you’re spiritually-inclined or not there’s no doubt that Ibiza can have a life-changing effect on many of those who pay a visit there, and has been cited as doing exactly that by many of the world’s most famous DJs.

By organising conscious events that merge the party side of the island with its alternative underbelly, Cosmic Pineapple will offer balance and something that just that little bit different, away from the hectic clubs and bars that populate San Antonio, Playa D’en Bossa and other busy parts of the island. With a healing area, appearances from spiritual leaders, an arts and crafts market and a whole host of other wholesome, grounding activities planned (Not to mention all the stars DJs who will be appearing) it’s bound to be a enlightening series of ‘collective experiments’.

For more information head over to the Cosmic Pineapple website.