The whole month of December is always full of celebrations, especially in the music business where it seems everyone wants to spend every week night having a knees-up somewhere. Any excuse to go out and party is the philosophy (pretty much all year round) so when we got an invite to Mixmag’s Lab, we knew we were in for a treat.

In case you’re not familiar with the set up, Mixmag have a party in their office every Friday, inviting some of the world’s best-known to come in and take advantage of the obscene Void soundsystem they have installed in their work space. How they cleared it with the rest of the offices in the building remains a mystery, but we’re very pleased they have because it’s always a very entertaining afternoon.

Paco Osuna in the Mixmag Lab
Paco Osuna opened the Lab with a tight, techy set

For their Christmas Lab they invited the mighty Paco Osuna and the ‘three wise men’, Apollonia, to come and do the do. The office was rammed, Paco set things off nicely with a tight, techy set and then Apollonia rolled up with their Christmas jumpers and gave us all a lovely Christmas present with their killer set.

Blending a variety of classic cuts and more upfront, contemporary tuneage they had the whole room bouncing as the Smirnoff flowed in abundance and festive cheer emanated from the faces of everyone in the King’s Cross office.