Though they’ve collaborated on events in the past, this past week Red Bull Studios and Boiler Room went head-to-head with their 5th birthday celebrations. It’s not clear whether this was deliberate, but we have our suspicions… what’s more likely is that the 5th of November felt like an apt date to mark a milestone for both musical giants to get a load of people together for a good old shindig. And DLTM hit both events…

Red Bull…

Shy FX DJing at the Red Bull Studios 5th birthday event in London Bridge
Shy FX pon deck at the Red Bull Studios 5th birthday event

Kicking our Thursday night off at Red Bull Studios, we were greeted with a party bag and ushered down to the small bar in the basement of the complex where two dandy barman sorted us out a non-alcoholic “Devil’s Smash” (we’re off the booze this month) – from there we popped in to the upstairs area, which had been decked out in rather opulent gold drapes. Madam X was throwing down a nice blend of garage, grime and UK funky – being close cousins, the three genres flowed together effortlessly.

Red Bull Studios 5th birthday
One of the helpful attendants at Red Bull Studios 5th birthday
GotSome DJing at Red Bull Studio's 5th birthday in London Bridge
GotSome get busy at Red Bull Studio’s 5th birthday

Another bar supplied more cocktails and beers to the growing number of people who’d popped down to the London Bridge studios and there was a raised platform, rumoured by some to be a raised dance floor – unfortunately for Red Bull it became a dumping ground for all the party bags that had been handed out, a bit of a schoolboy error handing out to people on the way in…

Red Bull Studios 5th birthday
The reception area at the studios was converted to a lavish hangout spot

Besides that, Shy FX was of course on fire as per usual. Streamer cannons were let off a few times during his set, covering everybody in ticker tape. Downstairs the cheeky chappies from GotSome were throwing down a bit of dancehall (yes Adam!), which was well suited the basement room.

Overall a nice vibe, good cross section of heads and the music, unsurprisingly, was spot on.

Boiler Room…

By the time we got to Boiler Room (via Kojey Radical at Cargo) it was peak time and the Islington Steel Works was bustling outside and ramjam inside. Across three rooms Boiler Room kept it simple, staying true to their origins with the usual camera-to-DJ set up in each room.

Bradley Zero, Thristian and Nic Tasker get busy at Boiler Room's 5th birthday at Islington Steel Works
Residents Bradley Zero, Thristian and Nic Tasker get busy at Boiler Room’s 5th birthday

There were a few balloons dotted around the place but it was a largely minimal affair considering it was their 5th birthday celebration – we wouldn’t have expected anything more though. Boiler Room has always been relatively unassuming in its presentation of electronic music culture, letting the DJs, the music and the crowd around them do the talking.

Butterz rudeboys Elijah and Skilliam DJing in Room 1 at Boiler Room's 5th birthday at Islington Steel Works
Butterz rudeboys Elijah and Skilliam smash Room 1 at Boiler Room
Room 2 at Boiler Room's 5th birthday at Islington Steel Works
JG Wilkes of Optimo with ‘My Drug Shame’ emblazoned across his t-shirt

In the space of two or three hours we saw Butterz rudeboys Elijah & Skilliam bang out some raw old school grime, Boiler Room’s own Bradley Zero, Thristian and Nic Tasker going back-to-back-to-back in the Residents room, which was an entertainingly odd mix of oddball cuts as they tried to out-weird each other while still keeping everyone dancing. Upstairs in Room 2 we got a decent helping of techno to send us home with thundering kick drums echoing around the deepest recesses of our mind.

Two very different birthdays, Boiler Room had the edge, but that’s probably because we got there later in the day. Happy Birthday to both, here’s to many many more years of excellence…