Earlier this week we hit the Sebright Arms in Hackney to catch Tara Priya, an American singer/songwriter who performed a collection of songs verging from catchy pop ditties to smoky soulful numbers. On a very windy night in east London, it was nice to be in the confines of the basement at the pub-cum-music venue and Tara made sure the crowd that had gathered at her show were transported to warmer climes with her vibrant performance.

Dressed in a pair of cut-off denim shorts, funky heels and a loosely-fitting Run DMC t-shirt which was slashed to bits, Tara helped us all to forget it was so dreary outside. Her performance was long, but never really dragged on. She was animated, held her notes very well and interacted with the crowd in a cheeky but likeable way (“Come and speak to me afterwards, I love talking… unless you’re weird and creepy”).

Tara Priya performs at the Sebright Arms in Hackney, east London
Tara’s performance was professional and full of character

Her band were on point and the crowd, which included a few of her friends, were buoyant throughout – especially when she rocked some of her better-known songs, such as ‘Who That’, a super catchy, earworm of a track which we woke up with in our head this morning. Interspersed with the older material, were newer tracks which demonstrated her vocal range and ability to straddle a variety of styles.

A solid performance; nice songs presented in a polished professional way with a funky edge. We look forward to seeing more of Tara in the future until which time we’ll probably be singing ‘Who That’ constantly!

Tara Priya performs with her band at the Sebright Arms in Hackney
Tara kept the crowd buoyant throughout