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Fabio Garces in his east London studio
Fabio Garces in his studio

Over the past couple of years DLTM has been to a meditation-based event called Sonic Enchantment. At the gathering Fabio Garces helps to gently guide the groups that attend into a meditative state through the medium of sound – in particular he uses electronic soundscapes, which he has composed himself, merged with organic sounds; birds tweeting, shamanic drums, jungle wildlife, water cascading and a variety of other natural sounds to guide you into a relaxed frame of mind. Each time we’ve visited it’s been refreshing and invigorating, and different each time. We hung out with Fabio in his studio and spoke about his relationship with music and healing…

For a taster of Fabio’s lu:sid sets, check out the mix below…

Fabio Garces at work in his studio
Fabio Garces at work in his studio

“You don’t have to hit people over the head (with music) for them to have an intense experience. There are so many others ways; with ‘underground’, or deeper, music you can do that,” Fabio tells us. We’re sitting in his studio, discussing the recent set he played at Love Is Key, a sober rave held in east London where the music policy is strictly underground and deep. Where some parties that encourage a sober atmosphere will utilise the more commercial end of electronic music to get their patrons bouncing up and down, Love Is Key aims to use more credible sounds to entertain their audience and Fabio was booked to perform at their opening event.

He performs regularly under the name Lu:sid, bringing his distinct brand of frequency-infused techno and house to a variety of events, sober and non-sober. Of course, all music is based around frequency, but Fabio adds subtle layers of holistic sound that is proven to have a positive effect on the listener. “If you have music that’s nice and evokes a good feeling, I would never discredit that, it’s great. But you can also go deeper with people and raise their consciousness on a subtle level with frequency. For example, with my Lu:sid sets I can experiment with frequencies that promote endorphin release, which can help people to enjoy music naturally,” he explains.

Fabio performing at sober rave Love Is Key
Fabio performing at sober rave Love Is Key

Using the healing properties of sound to make a difference to people’s lives has been a dream of his since he was a young man. Born and raised in south America, he realised the power of sound and imagined being able to use it to heal people and raise their vibration. “Growing up in south America I had shamanic teachers and I saw them use sound in ceremonies to guide altered states; through drumming, chanting, ikaros and stuff like that, I thought there was something special there, within sound and music, that not everyone understands,” he explains.

Those early years led to his first steps into electronic music where he witnessed just how influential sound can be, “You get that sense that there’s something else there, a collective feeling. When a whole room is tuned in, with the music unifying everything, combined with the atmosphere and energy, it all comes together and there’s this unmistakable vibe in the room. I saw the potential to do something transformative when you’re up there performing, something with a more focused intention beyond just playing great tracks.”

Fabio at work at Love Is Key
Fabio at work at Love Is Key

From partying at large-scale events in south America to studying music production and sound engineering in London, Fabio’s path has been dictated by sound and he now runs the popular Sonic Enchantment events regularly. He has immersed himself in the study of frequency for the past 10 years, identifying the wavelengths which have healing properties and using them for the benefit of others. It’s an interesting area of expertise and one which he continues to learn more about with every day that passes.

“In terms of my qualifications, it’s definitely not traditional in terms of my work with music and sound healing. I spent a lot of time learning from a couple of shamanic teachers in central and south America, I also worked with a sound healer here in the UK actually doing the research around all the frequencies I use and lots of my own time researching and experimenting within this field. There isn’t really anywhere you can go and learn the type of stuff I’m working with specifically. It’s been a 10 year process of self development, research and experimentation. I mean I did a year at Point Blank for music production and engineering, but that was more of a technical thing,” Fabio explains. “We are a vibratory field and sound waves interact, when you start to learn about how they interact with you and the effect that can have, you can start to make something, even without a beat. I’ve been working out how to incorporate that into the dance floor,” he adds. “I always listen to things myself before I try them out though, because there’s so much information, and misinformation, on the internet now.”

We then ask Fabio what frequencies he uses on himself, if any. He tells DLTM, “Often when I do meditations here in the studio I use the stuff I make for Sonic Enchantment. I like things to be quite simple, so I use Earth frequencies, like Schumann Resonance (7.83hz) but it depends on what I want to work with. Solfeggio frequencies have quite a positive effect, like 528 for example – that’s quite an interesting frequency that works with your heart centre. I like something that has a particular purpose.”

Sonic Enchantment offers a invigorating environment where sound is used to aid meditation
Sonic Enchantment offers a invigorating environment where sound is used to aid meditation

What DLTM finds most interesting is the integration of healing frequencies into Fabio’s live sets. At Love Is Key his performance was undoubtedly the highlight of the evening, the tempo was high, and his mix of tech house and vocals was spot on – most importantly though was his own additions to the music, sounds and layers that worked to penetrate the psyche of those on the dance floor, increasing the positive energy levels in the room. To some this may sound like absolute mumbo-jumbo, but there was a clear distinction between his set and the DJs who played before and after him.

Fabio’s dream remains the same, bringing sound healing to the big stage, using its power to offer transformative experiences to a larger number of people. “Originally I had the idea of doing an event where everything was focused around raising consciousness; music, visuals, everything – and that could be taken around the world, with a foundation set up that could raise funds for an issue affecting a particular nation or city, put on the event to unite people and raise their consciousness and then leave something there, a school for sound maybe, leave your legacy behind so it can be used for the benefit of that country,” he explains.

It’s an ambition that we hope he realises one day.


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